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Alexandre Negreiros

Alexandre Negreiros

PhD in Public Policy, Master in Musicology, Sociologist, Composer, Producer, Professor and Expert. His instrument is an Apple MacBook with some software. Texts, arrangements and compositions in MIDI sequencing, loops, recordings and scores are his working tools. At 7, he began studying piano and flute. At 9, he entered the Choir of the Educational Center of Niterói, where he stayed until 16. In 1981, the U.S., participated in the Olympic High School Marching Band and his Wind Ensemble. He studied with: Aurea Regina Cole (Emmy Awarded) Sergio Benvenuto, Roberto Mauricio, Luiz Eça, Antonio Adolfo, Solon do Vale, Marco Antonio Santos, Carlos Almada and Dario Galante. In 1988 he joined Manchete TV as Musical Director Assistant, leaving in 1992 with over 30 slots, soundtracks, jingles and other content.

In theater, set to music about 50 plays, almost half in partnership with Caique Botkay. In 1990, he was nominee twice at Coca-Cola Award for best soundtrack, and in 2003 received the honor CBTIJ. In 1999, he won the Grand Prize of Macworld Mac Music Contest with the song "Keep Going". Between 1996 and 2003 he was the musical director of the dubbing studio Cinevídeo where produced, directed and coordinated the Portuguese versions for movies and TV series such as Flintstones, Hamtaro, Histeria and Mike Lu & Og, among others. He was responsible for the soundtracks for commercial productions, political and institutional at Barrozo Neto Studio, Rangel MBS, Multirio and TVE Brazil, among others, which stand out his works for Coca-Cola, Hertz, Shell and Nokia. Between 1993 and 1996 he attended IBM’s multimedia strategic department with tracks, voiceovers, sound effects and other music solutions. In this area he also has worked for SESC, Celtec and others. In movies, he produced tracks for short films, among other smaller stakes.

Since 1993 has transcribed more than seven thousand scores for several music publishers such as Warner/Chappell, BMG, Sony and SIGEM. In 2002 joined the Associação de Peritos do Rio de Janeiro (Association of Experts of RJ) and in 2003 graduated in an extension course from IBMEC/RJ: Direito do Entretenimento (Entertainment Law). Attended in 1988, audio, acoustics, music production and programming synthesizers technical courses. Produced and arranged some CDs and as a musician, played with some artists on the national scene. In 2001, he was professor of the Record Production Graduation Course of the University Estacio de Sá. Since 2002, he is cultural director of the Community Radio Pop Goiaba - UFF. In 2004, he joined the Independent Musicians Center  and obtained a Master's Degree in Musicology at UFRJ’s Music School in May 2006, where since May 2010 began teaching at the Composition Department. Since 2004, he participates in several professional and academic events related to Copyrights and ECAD, especially the National Copyright Forum and the BRASA XI meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. In 2008, produced the soundtracks for the institutional channel GloboNews, and in 2009, he joined the Ph.D. in Public Policy, Development Strategies at the Economics Institute of UFRJ, Innovations Intellectual Property and Development researches, and became director of Professional Musicians Union of the State of Rio de Janeiro’s work.

Obras de destaque

1) Vignette:  BIP Globonews (Pôr do Sol)


2) Vignette: Institucional Globonews (Cafezinho)


3) Vinheta do jornalístico Manchete Esportiva


4) Vídeo da Macworld Magazine, com o resultado do Mac Music Contest


5) Flintstones opening, Brazilian version

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