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João Paulo Mendonça

João Paulo Mendonça

He studied piano and harmony with Luis Eça and Wilma Graça, Sax / Flute Mauro Senise and Cacau at Grove School of Music in Los Angeles.

Studied arrangement and composition with Dick Grove, orchestration with Jack and Steve Smalley and regency with Jack Fierman.

He started as a DJ in the 70’s playing disco music at parties and some clubs.

Soon he developed into an eclectic musician in the local scene of Rio de Janeiro at the 80’s, mostly instrumental music, but which would also include pop and MPB, playing with the band of some MPB artists such as Elza Soares, Sandra de Sá and Fagner.

He was member of the groups: Pop ZERØ and Rosa Púrpura, recording albums with them.

He discovered that life in the studio was under pitfalls and more creative promises, so he began already in the 80’s with tracks for theater, writing for over than 20 plays as Intensa Magia, No Retrovisor, Letti e Lotti and Frida Kahlo.

Institutional and Publicity: Petrobras, Sony Music, Nestle, Datelli, THECNOS, Museu do Índio, FUNAI, among others.

He left Brazil for a transcendental trip to Japan [1990] and ended settling in Los Angeles [1991-1994] where he studied at the Grove School of Music with top professionals in the city of angels and eventually playing with good local musicians.

After a season even more intense in the Far East (Thailand, Cambodia and Malaysia in 1995) returns to Brazil at once. Joined TV Globo in 1996, where remains until today composing and producing for soap operas, mini-series/Sitcoms, specials and journalism, highlighting the quoted works.

He is currently responsible for music of the TV show Estrelas and the mini-series still in production Laura com Z.

Obras de destaque

1-Dona Flor e seus 2 maridos_Mini-série de Dias Gomes TV GLOBO 1997

2-Amazônia um universo fantástico, CD-ROM do cineasta Jorge Bodanksy_1998

3-Acquária de Flávia morais_FOX 2003

4-BANG-BANG, Novela de Mário Prata_TV GLOBO 2005

5-Por toda a minha vida [ eps.'Manonas' e 'Cazuza' indicados ao INTERNATIONAL EMMY AWARDS categoria Arts progaming 2009 e 20106-


_CINEMA POR TRÁS de Carol Bandeira de Mello
_TIRADENTES de Alex Klemperer
_NOITE DE CRISTAIS, de Carlos Vereza 
_EM TERRA DE CEGO de Joao Boltshauser

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