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Aluisio Didier

Aluisio Didier

Aluisio Didier, 55, studied composition and analysis with Esther Scliar, conducting with Alceo Bocchino, piano with Vilma Grace and Sonia Maria Vieira and guitar with Léo Soares. Since 1981 he is arranger and composer of TV Globo’s soundtracks.

Author of many openings for of TV Globo and GloboNews as: F1, Bom Dia Rio, Bom Dia Brasil, Globo Notícia, Mais Você, Starte, Pelo Mundo, Em Cima da Hora, Jornal das 10 and many others.

He composed the scores for O Tempo e o Vento, Tiêta, Brega e Chique, A Máfia no Brasil, Que Rei Sou Eu, among other series and soap operas.

In the recording area, directed and produced " Caymmi Som Imagem Magia c/ Dorival e Radamés Gnattali" (Sharp Award 1998), "Radamés Gnattali", piano solo; "A Noiva do Condutor" Noel Rosa’s  Operetta with Marilia Pera and Grande Otelo; "Olhar Brasileiro", by Eduardo Dusek; " Noel Rosa Inédito e Desconhecido" with the group Coisa Nossa.

For the movies, besides composing soundtracks for documentaries, he directed some movies almost always related to music such "Um Certo Dorival Caymmi", "De Krajcberg a Chico Mendes", "Nosso Amigo Radamés Gnattali", "Brasília, Uma Sinfonia", "Kracjberg e Gismonti: Natura e Revolta” and ”Maestro Bocchino".

Author of the book " "Radamés Gnattali, de A a Z”.

In December 2008, launched the project Contraponto, which aims to produce and record in DVD contemporary musical works. The first has Daniel Guedes, violinist, as its chief interpreter who plays two of his works - the “Fantasia Concertante para Violino e Orquestra” and “Invenção para violino e violoncelo” - and two of his master Alceo Bocchino - "Seresta " for violin and piano, and "Quarteto de Cordas".

The project went on with the involvement of Tim Rescala with: Sexteto 1997 and Noturno Depois do Vinho;  and Mauricio Carrilho with Septeto – works performed by Quinteto Villa-Lobos, Maria Teresa Madeira, Daniel Guedes and Hugo Pilger.

In the second volume, two more of his works were presented: "5 Minutos no Terraço" for violin and piano, and "Metafonia" for cello and piano.

Just completed a Divertimento in 3 movements for String Quartet, in honor of the Guanabara Quartet.

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