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August, 23rd to 29th


Since the managing of images recording, music was already needed, giving it more life and emotion. And soon came the Piano Player of the Silent Era, an urgent need.

Without any sound, was necessary to be added subtitles for help in understanding of narratives. And the music – which was played live in movie theaters – was helping to tell the stories.

From there the movie industry developed. The television also showed up decades later and made history. And with it came the soap operas, miniseries,  series, humor, television journalism, advertising, etc.. And through time many new media formats and audiovisual language were created.

Music has been present throughout this process. Great maestros experts in music designed to image come populating this scenario. Names like John Williams, Enio Morricone, Nino Rota, Max Steiner and Bernard Hermann, among thousands of great composers, has demonstrated the importance of music for everybody who appreciates the 7th Art. So far as other medias were settling down, the music has always followed, in an inseparable manner, it accomplishments and developments.

Here in Brazil is no different, which produces audiovisual works on an industrial scale. And here also arose many experts composers, working at all segments of this industry that moves and promotes creativity and moves the financial resources for the achievement of its products. Villa-Lobos, Remo Usai, Antonio Carlos Jobim and Edu Lobo are some important examples of composers in this area.

The term “Musical Soundtrack” is fairly well known, but the Brazilian composers who do this job have very little visibility. Their works are sometimes even singing or whistles in the streets. But who are these writers? How are these works were created? Who are these professionals specializing in Original Music Composition for audiovisual works?

Musimagem Brazil arrives to give visibility to this collective of artists which operates so strongly in audiovisual works, helping to thrill people who watch. Musimagem Brasil comes to show itself in many departments of this activity which is so present in everyday life.


Alberto Rosenblit, former president

Remo Usai Award Ceremony - Sergio Saraceni

Sergio Saraceni

Sergio Saraceni is a composer, orchestrator, and music producer, who for forty years was mainly dedicated to creating soundtracks for more than forty feature films, and dozens of soap operas and series, with emphasis on ‘Anos Dourados’, ‘Roque Santeiro’, ‘A Muralha’, ‘Belíssima’, ‘Nunca fuimos tan felices’, ‘Anchieta José do Brasil’, ‘Al sur de mi cuerpo’, ‘Policarpo Quaresma’, among others.

Musimagem Festival 2021
Musimagem Festival 2021


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