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Rafael Borks

Rafael Borks

Rafael Alonso Borges "Borks" was born in Jan 28, 1986, at Uberaba, MG - Brazil, his family lived only for a couple of weeks in there, and then they moved to the São Paulo state, where his grown up story begins. Since little, Rafael's passion become evident, he was deeply involved with entertainment, playing video-games, watching movies from many countries, played infinite hours of RPG with his friends, and enjoying his childhood like any other kid. At the age of 12, his mind started to get more creative, and he started to think in many ideas for games, in many platforms, that's when he decided to play along with some game engines, like the RPG Maker, Multimedia Studio, and even Blender later. He created many games and uploaded them to the internet, where it was very well accepted. One year later, his interests begin to change, thanks to his friends, he was now listening to a few rock and heavy metal bands. And started to take courses on computer schools, both for developing and better usage of operating systems. A few years later, when by celebrating his 16th birthday, he was listening to a lot of keyboard-ish metal bands, and started to try to play the songs he listened for himself, that worked for sometime, but he knew it was too bad. Rafael was pretty nerd at this time, and he knew how to take advantage of a computer, so he downloaded like 30 MIDIs from songs he enjoyed and following the MIDIs (not always right), and so, he was getting better in performing. When he moved to Matão, yet in São Paulo state, he joined a music school, and for 3 months, Rafael studied the whole method from the school, and then he left, right in the time he joined his first band, "Mystica" (later "Arcadia" and later yet "Aiyra") and started to play Metal songs with his friends. after one year of existence his band joined the contest "Canta Matão" with their first composed song, called "The Angel And The Dragon", their excitement was not enough to make them win the contest, they weren't event classified to the final votes. Well, this wasn't enough to make them quit their dream. So in the next year they tried it again! And with the new composed song called "Arcadia" after a few changes in the line up, it was impossible not to at least be classified. The result, you probably already know, they lost… Again! These judges were corrupted!! (so not true). The band wasn't actually ready to compose and to present together, but in the same year, some members of the band including himself joined another contest, this time, not to play a band composed song. but to perform a song from any artist. Their goal was just to impress the city, with bravery and courage, though performing a song from the "Children Of Bodom", should have granted them lucky. Because this time, they got the 2nd place! And better yet! A trophy! How cool is that? This gave the member who have participated a fresh new hope, and so the band with some other changes in the line up, were now performing songs composed by their keyboardist, and their guitar player, being Rafael, and Luiz Fernando. This mix was perfect, and the songs composed just kept getting better and better. Now the work in the band was flowing… Until the next big change…. Rafael just got into his 18th birthday, and his parents 'proposed' him a change of focus, dropping the music, and joining the college, becoming a successful Information Technology professional. With great sorrow, he accepted, and a  few months later he was forced to leave the band, otherwise he would fail in college. A few months in college and now with no band, was enough to get him into his first actual work, at EDS (later HP Enterprise Services) performing tests. And he stayed there for the next 2 years, where he left the college (incomplete), and planned a big change of plans. Rafael mounted his first home studio, with the money from the work in testing. And started to record some rock and metal bands from his friends. One bright day, someone hurled a bomb into Rafael's hands, he was hired to create and Introduction for a band's album in an classic but epic orchestral style. Not scared by the challenge, Rafael accepted the offer, and started to study orchestration methods by Rimsky Korsakov and Garritan, And the more he studies, the more he became interested, and surfing into web he found that Berklee College Of Music was accepting students from web, and Rafael got interested by one course in particular, named "Orchestrating and Producing Music for Film and Games". As he was still working with testing for companies like IBM, ABN AMRO Bank and TAM Airlines, he though it would be a good idea to have a certificate in the area, so he could try to join the entertainment industry, and so he did. In 2009, he was formed by Berklee Music. And amazed by the things he could now do. Nowadays, acting as a composer for any need, he have done many works for musicians from all around the world. Thanks to Berklee and his studies, Rafael is now a composer.


(Extracted from his official website.)

Obras de destaque

AngelWing (Audio / 2009)
(Available on CD (Crystalforce Records / 2009))

Wartime (Audio / 2009)
(Only available online (GBP / 2009))

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